Cinema Simply Different

Je vous présente Pamela, is the name of the latest work by passionate film director Ferrand. It’s a movie about English Pamela who falls in love with her husband’s French father. The entire movie crew has gathered at the Studios de la Victorine in Nice to start shooting. From the excitement on set, the schemes, the passion, the camaraderie, to the sound engineer, writer, producer, director and all those unfortunate souls needed for the making of this film; everything is listed and displayed. While adapting to life on set to the best of their abilities, it’s on Ferrand and his producer to also manage their actors’ issues such as Severine’s drinking problem, Alphone’s tantrums or Julie’s emotional instability.


Anyone who has ever watched a film has surely wondered about what happens off camera. Truffaut’s cult classic and love letter to filmmaking is the perfect answer to that question. Day for Night delivers an entertaining look behind the scenes and into the art of making movies. Viewers will quickly notice that things don’t go as neatly as they might have imagined. Even a detail as small as a cat can make for a strenuous day on set. It’s like director Ferrand says «Cinema is King!»—even if the course of true filmmaking never did run smooth.

Loïna Eder
Translated by Alicia Schümperli

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