Cinema Simply Different


Cinema simply different

Each semester the Filmstelle presents masterful pieces of film art of a changing theme. The conditions for our themes are originality and diversity: We show films from all countries and epochs – forgotten classics dug out and new discoveries presented. With the demands from our audience in mind, we understand our selection of films as a supplement to commercial cinema.

The Filmstelle was founded in 1924 as a commission at the ETH Zurich. In the first years the focus laid on scientific films. In the course of time the commission developed into an independent cinema, whose main goals are selecting and showing unusual films. Every semester 10 to 12 films on a particular subject are shown.

Currently the Filmstelle consists of around 20 voluntary members, mostly students at the ETH or the University of Zurich. The commitee is responsible for administration, calling for meetings, supervision of the different responsibility areas and planning special events. A small group gets together 6 months before the start of the program to watch and select interesting films. Every member can suggest new program ideas; a democratic voting determines the favourite.

The editorial department writes and revises the texts of the programme as well as of the individual films. The projection team and the helpers at the bar and cash desk provide the necessary service for a successful screening.

Every member of the Filmstelle is a passionate cinephile. It’s our goal to share this love with other film fans at cosy sreenings with a relaxed atmosphere.


Join the Filmstelle

Each semester a diversity of exciting tasks awaits the members of the Filmstelle, ranging from planning and carrying out the screenings, putting together and organizing the films, marketing, sponsoring as well as projecting 35mm-film or DCP. Experience is not required, only time and a positive attitude towards learning and committing. Because the work is voluntary (we cannot pay you) every member may choose their own level of commitment..

You can always come to a meeting or a screening as a helper if you wish to have a peak behind our screen. Interested? Contact us for more information and meeting dates.

We’re currently looking for helpers in the following areas:

  • Vice-president (assistant to the president in all areas)
  • Events/sponsoring
  • Helpers at the screenings (bar/cash desk/projection) and events