Cinema Simply Different

Double Feature at Riffraff. A special for all members of the VSUZH / VSETH, friends of Filmstelle and all who didn’t have enough after the first installment!

The Nazis didn’t lose World War II, but only postponed the Final Victory. Undiscovered by the global public, it was yet possible to settle on the dark side of the moon just in time. In the last Nazi colony everything is working towards the – this time for real – final victory. The third generation, indoctrinated through and through, is ready to show the wimpy older generation how to do it right and gain world domination. The plan is almost thwarted by the American president – a kind of porno version of Sarah Palin – after visiting the moon again in the course of a PR campaign and thus forcing the moon Nazis to a premature implementation…
No matter how it turned out – raise your hand if you remember! – Iron Sky promised first and foremost the best trash entertainment. A film made by fans, for fans. Now the second part: This time with Nazi dinosaurs!

Alexander Streb

Translated by Carlos Hartmann

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