Kino immer anders

«It’s the end of the world!» declares a doomsayer in a prophetic tone at an American diner after children were attacked by more than just a few crows during an ordinary school day. Strangely, this wasn’t the first incident of brutal bird attacks in the small town of Bodega Bay in Northern California. In fact, these occurrences had been growing increasingly frequent since wealthy young Melanie Daniels arrived to repay a favor to the handsome lawyer, Mitch Brenner. Shortly after her arrival, brutal attacks by the usually peaceful winged fellow citizens begin to bewilder the locals. Once no one is secure anymore within the sanctuary of their own homes, the imperative in Bodega Bay shifts to a desperate struggle for survival.
The Birds serves as a perfect illustration of why Alfred Hitchcock is considered „The Master of Suspense“. The film not only keeps the audience on edge through sophisticated use of silence and uncertainty but also convinces through a captivating, unconventional portrayal of the intricate relationships between the main characters. This atmospheric masterpiece, with its apocalyptic undertones, is guaranteed to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.
Luca Kristina Schnepp-Pesch

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