Cinema Simply Different

Normally the Filmstelle goes on a hiatus over summer, but this year we thought differently. Because what is the best place to escape the heat? Exactly in the cinema at the Filmstelle. That’s why we organized a very special Screening for you, where you even had the chance to choose the Film on our Instagram Account. And as usual you showed good taste by choosing “Seven Samurai” by Legendary Director Akira Kurosawa. There will also be a cup if free sake for everybody who wants some (as long as there is Sake ofc)
About the Movie: The story takes place in a small village that gets robbed every fall by bandits. Since they can’t fight back themselves, they have to hire Swordfighters, the title giving Seven Samurai.
Kurosawa is widely considered to be one of the greatest directors of all time and “Seven Samurai” is without a doubt one of his best. The impressive Runtime of over 3 Hours go by so quick and every shot is even more impressive than the one before. Almost 70 years later and the movie is still as impressive as it was back then. 207 minutes of thrills, drama and emotion.
Jérôme Bewersdorff

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