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On a strange planet called Ygam live the enormous, blue-skinned Draags. They share Ygam with an unwanted guest, a humanoid species called Oms, which are treated either as pets or, worse, like vermin. After Terr, an Om kept as a pet since infancy, escapes from his gigantic child captor, he is swept up by a band of radical, wild Oms trying to resist the Draag oppression.
The cult classic Fantastic Planet, winner of the Cannes Special Price of 1973, is one of the most unique films European Postmodernism has to offer. Through its uncanny cutout stop-motion animation style and Alain Goraguer’s otherworldly psychedelic jazz soundtrack, Fantastic Planet will suck you into it’s strange, ‘Daliesque’ world. Beyond its artistic merit, Fantastic Planet is culturally deeply rooted in the philosophical discourses and political struggles of its time. It wrestles mainly with a critical examination of anthropocentrism: What makes us humans superior to other beings? Join us on a hypnotic journey that is like nothing you have seen or felt before!
Adrian Molière

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