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Mr. Badii has already made most of the preparations. The spot is chosen, the hole dug. Mr. Badii has decided that his life should come to an end in that grave next to a cherry tree in the hilly outskirts of Tehran. However, something is still missing: someone to bury him once the deed is done. We find Mr. Badii driving through the bumpy streets of Tehran on a sunny day, searching for a willing person. Mr. Badii’s journey takes him deep into Iranian society through conversations with people he encounters, reflecting the many facets of human existence.
The Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami will forever be regarded as one of the great poets of cinema. Like many of Kiarostami’s works, Taste of Cherry is marked by minimalism, both narratively and aesthetically. With just one camera and a few actors, Kiarostami elegantly and respectfully delivers a profound meditation on mortality, hope, religion, and life itself. Through skillful shot-reverse-shot techniques, he involves the audience in the conversations. The film is crowned with an unforgettable ending that has etched its mark in cinematic history.

Adrian Molière

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