Cinema Simply Different

Charlie, an aspiring author, has made himself a name in Hollywood through a stile, far away from the formulaic mainstream. During the shoot of _Being John Malkovich_ he starts a new project: the adaptation of the book «_The orchid thief_». He tries the unprecedented approach to describe all from the perspective from the flowers. A ambitious attempt, which drives him mad. At the same time he is continuously confronted by his twin brother and flat mate Donald, with his trivial movie ideas, which have shown to be very successful in the very same Hollywood, Charlie despises…

Nicolas Cage, often made fun of due to his choice of roles, shines as the insecure Charlie Kaufman and his twin brother, who seems to be the complete opposite to him: self secure in his talent and his luck with the ladies, which Charlie envies him for. The real Charlie Kaufman depicts in this cinematic self portrait his own crisis of work, which in the end, because of the inadaptability of the work, led to a script about writing scripts: Adaption. In parallel the story behind the book The orchid thief is also told. Meta, meta, meta!!

_Alexander Streb_

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