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The mantle brothers share everything with each other: Their looks as identical twins, their successful clinic, their home and even their wives. Beverly, the caring, passive brother, never succeeded in wining over a women for himself; it was always Elliot, the confident and manipulative brother, who took over the task of approaching women. Once Elliot has had enough of one, he hands it over to Beverly. The deeply rooted relationship between the brothers is questioned, when an actress with a disfigured uterus falls in love with Beverly.

Cronenberg is well known for his grotesque topics, such as body horror or perverse science, as depicted in The Fly or Naked Lunch. In Dead Ringers he approaches another topic: The human psyche. Identity is the core of the movie. Everything is duplicated, until it melts together. The symbiotic relationship between the brothers is everything but touching. The opposite is the case, the more the movie reveals about the twins, the more absurd seems their connection. Through a beautiful but cold cinematography, coloured in the scarlet red colour of blood, tells _Dead Ringers_ the story of doppelgangers.


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