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Double Features: A doppelganger is seldomly alone

In this semester we dedicate ourselves to an classic film motive – the doppelganger. The motive has been used in the last hundred years in many different ways. One can separate the motive into three rough categories, from which we have selected a wide arrangement for our program.
The first variant is the simple «look alike». Surprising resemblance of in looks of two people. Often the doppelganger takes over the life of the original. A famous example is _The Great Dictator_, in which Charlie Chaplin depicts the role Adolf Hitlers in a comedian way. Another example is the war movie _Kagemusha_, in which a thief takes over the role of a deceased samurai warlord. In this enumeration, Alfred Hitchcock has to be mentioned, since he utilizes the motive of the doppelgange in many of his movies, such as in _Vertigo_, where a criminal inspector is obsessed with a doppelganger case. Another way to play around with optical resemblance is the motive of the twin, which in the dramedy _Adaptation_, in Cronenbergs _Dead Ringers_ and in the picturesque world of _My 20th Century_ could not be more different from each other.
Besides the «look alike» there are many variantes of the revenant. This motive is utilized by Andrej Tarkowsky in _Solaris_, to takle existential questions.
A third variant is the alter-ego-doppelganger, mirroring a hidden aspect of the main character. Often it is the task of the main character to gain control over his alter-ego to restore normalizy. Be it Bergmans thriller _Persona_, the historic silent movie _Der Student von Prag_, David Lynchs _Mulholland Drive_, the anime _Perfect Blue_ or the romance _certified copy with the infamous Juliette Binoche.

_Olivia Sacker, Leitung Programmation_

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