Kino immer anders

What does it mean to be attracted to someone? What is Sexual and Emotional Desire? Jérôme is on vacation at Lac d’Annecy, he is about to get married and is convinced of his choice. A friend challenges him to test that belief with the landlady’s teenage daughters, Claire and Laura. One day while Claire is picking cherries from a tree, her dress comes off and her knee is exposed. From that moment on, Jérôme develops an almost fetishistic obsession with Claire’s knee.

In the fifth chapter of the Six Moral Tales (Six contes moraux) cycle, Éric Rohmer analyzes the dynamics of courtship and directs one of the most ambiguous films of his career. On the one hand the director reflects on the meaning of primitive erotic impulses, on the other hand he shows how these impulses are perceived and accepted by society. Due to the unbalanced age relationship between the two main characters, the film pushes the limits of human relationships and thereby achieves a complexity that deserves to be explored.

Dario Denali

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