Kino immer anders

In order to save the threatened dynasty, the young Prussian princess Sophia Frederica is brought to Russia to marry Grand Duke Peter and give him a male heir to the throne. Soon her once-naïve romantic notions are shattered as she confronts the future: a retarded, domineering man – an obvious product of centuries of incest. The marriage is concluded despite mutual disgust. Katharina, now renamed, then begins to accept the new situation and to overturn the balance of power at court. She takes advantage of her sensuality and art of seduction…

Debauchery and decadence, removed from the people and far from any decency. Accompanied by expressionistic decor and grotesque figures of misery. With The Scarlet Empress, Josef von Sternberg creates what is probably the darkest picture of a Tsarist empire – similar to a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Marlene Dietrich as Katharina – later the Great, Empress of Russia – strides through this apocalyptic nightmare world at the imperial court, filled with light. Protected as if by a shield of jeweled mink and silk garments, with the aura of both saint and seductress.

Alexander Streb

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