Kino immer anders

Already in the first moments of the film, Olavi’s favorite pastime becomes clear: flirting with young women. With lust, passion and poetry, he enchants woman after woman while he rafts down the river. Banished by his parents, he enjoys his life as a free womanizer and sees an invitation in every look given to him. Until he meets Kyllikki, who is not at all impressed by his charm. But his past won’t let him get away so easily.

In Teuvo Tulio’s melodrama, nature underscores human desire with rushing rivers, dramatic cloud formations and whispering leaves in the wind. The raging currents run through the entire film and connect both the landscape and the longings of the characters. Just as the water gushes and rages, Olavi can hardly contain his lust when he sees a beautiful woman. The Song of the Scarlet Flower is truly a spectacle that tells of lust and passion and their consequences.


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