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Los Angeles in dystopian future. A city after its decay. Of the city of angels are only ruins left. All humans, which could afford it, have left earth long ago. They have replicants as their servants. When the replicant Roy Batty, to save himself, takes over a spaceship from the humans with other replicants and flees to Los Angeles, Rick Deckard gets the job, to eliminate them all. The hunt begins and questions are asked: Who is truly human and what does it mean to be human?

Geprägt von Ridley Scotts visuell einzigartigem Stil und einer nie zuvor gesehenen, düster-futuristischen Welt sowie Vangelis‘ klassisch-futuristischem Soundtrack entfaltet sich mit Blade Runner eine Science-Fiction-Saga, welche seit ihrer Veröffentlichung 1982 Kultstatus erreicht und nachfolgende Regiegenerationen für immer geprägt hat. Ein Film, in dem man immer wieder versinken kann.

Defined by Ridley Scotts visually unique style and a never seen before, dark futuristic world as well as Vangelis’ classical futuristic soundtrack, Blade Runner developpes into a sci-fi saga, which has cult status since its release in 1982 and has defined subsequent movie generations. A film, for which we can fall any time again.

Flavia Luz

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