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An anonymous advert in a Zurich daily newspaper warns of an invisible wave of illness. Those infected feel the urge to flee into the open, along with an inexplicable melancholy and a general hypersensitivity. This unsettles the population. The authorities do not want to confirm the existence of the epidemic. When the disease spread from central Switzerland to the suburban idyll of Zurich, Manfred, who in addition to his work as a clerk led a double life as a wiretapping specialist, fell into an ever deeper mental crisis in his marriage, his life and the city.

Ten years after the spirit of optimism of the 1968s, a general climate of insecurity and disorientation prevailed in Zurich. This is reflected in the documentary science fiction film Grauzone. It is characterized by local individuality and mixes it with cosmopolitan flair. The fantastic chronicle of everyday life offers a glimpse into the otherworldly atmosphere of Zurich and a parable of a germ free, modern civilisation. We are showing Grauzone in the presence of director Fredi M. Murer, who will tell us more about the background of the film.

Elisabeth Agethen

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