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Outshone by her father, the great artist Tetsuzo, the young artist O-Ei accomplishes the image of a dragon overnight. Without signing her work, she creates numerous pieces of art without public recognition. When O-Ei is commissioned to create erotic drawings, her craft becomes particularly apparent, as it merges with Japanese mythology. For this purpose, she starts to visit the red light district of Yoshiwara …


Adapted from the manga series Sarusuberi, Miss Hokusai uncloses the painter scene of the Edo Age by embedding this art into the everyday social life. O-Ei and her father are portrayed through a young woman’s eyes of unequal status. Famous works of Katsushika Hokusai, who was already known in 1814, are shown in their creation and resuscitated in this story. The importance of art, as well as the psychological benefits it has of individuals arises from the character’s superstition, fear and sense of protection.

Faris Dizdarevic
Translated by Lucia Arnold

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