Cinema Simply Different

Los Angeles, 1980. Agnès Varda ventures out to explore and document the murals of the city. Through interviews with the artists and shots of the lively and diverse culture surrounding these painted walls, she constructs a creative, likeable and insightful documentary about street art and the personal stories as well as the social circumstances behind it. Mur murs makes the murals come to life and lets us dive into their world. Always accompanied by Agnès’ mindful observations, the film explores this slightly different style of painting, how it was born out of society, and influences it in turn.


Agnès Varda was the Grande Dame of French film and a driving force of the Nouvelle Vague. On the occasion of her death on 29 March 2019, our screening of this film one year later serves as a tribute to this ground-breaking and trailblazing artist.

Written and translated by Sophie Stirnemann

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