Cinema Simply Different

In 1984, an American filmmaker grants us an in-depth look backstage and into the tumultuous life on tour of «one of England’s loudest Bands»: Formed back in the 60ies and originating in the beat music movement, twenty years later, Spinal Tap has finally found its groove with heavy metal. However, the band is in a state of crisis: drummers are dropping like flies, the new cover design of their latest album titled Smell The Glove is deemed sexist, and the days of sold out stadiums seem numbered. Cue the meddling of a member’s girlfriend to make tensions inside the band grow …


In a highly amusing and skilful manner, this behind-the-scenes-feature unmasks the underbelly of show business, while capturing quiet as well as funny moments in the life of this 80s heavy metal band: from the careful composition of a ballad called Lick My Love Pump to the catering fiasco caused by sandwich buns one size too small. A rockumentary that has gained cult status and been dubbed by film critic Roger Ebert as «one of the funniest movies ever made» – and rightly so. «Rock’n’Roll! Here we go!»

Written and translated by Alicia Schümperli

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