Kino immer anders

So begins in medias res this documentary, which Pasolini made in the summer of 1963 on a journey through the entire Italian peninsula. From Milan to Palermo, across the poor countryside and the big industrial cities to the warm beaches of the south, he asks questions and seeks answers about sexuality.
A film that remains unique in the Italian cultural landscape of the time. Among other things, because Pasolini puts the ideas of cinéma vérité into practice. Between the individual questions, there are also comments by Pasolini’s friends such as Alberto Moravia, Oriana Fallaci and Giuseppe Ungaretti. In the end, the impression remains of an ignorant and anxious collective opinion in dealing with the subject.
A film that perfectly represents those years, but 60 years later is still relevant and topical. And the question that arises spontaneously: How would people respond today? We are waiting for a new Pasolini.

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