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The extremists Omar, Waj, Faisal and Barry are four somewhat incompetent terrorists. At the Al Qaeda training camp, for example, they accidentally destroy their own camp instead of an American drone.

Back in England, they are planning a terrorist attack – having the eternal paradise in mind. The stubborn hotheads just barely manage to agree on a target: the London Marathon. But the logistical organization of the plot bears its very own little problems: filming a video message produces more outtakes than usable material, transporting explosives in plastic bags turns out to be rather tricky, and training suicide crows most likely isn’t even possible.
Islamism is not normally a topic that invites us to joke about it. It is best left to the British and their dry humour to make a both funny and smart satire about it. Director Chris Morris boldly dares kicking Islamism in the shin.

With bitterly evil humour, Four Lions takes the wind out of the sails of terror. It skillfully and willingly explores the border between trivialization and political incorrectness.

Christine Albrecht

Übersetzung: Chrstine Albrecht

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