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Friends Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw turn men’s heads as nightclub singers. While Dorothy dreams of true love, Lorelei hopes for a carefree life in France thanks to her imminent marriage to Gus, a simple-minded millionaire’s son. Gus’ father, convinced of Lorelei’s bad character, wants to prevent this at all costs and puts a detective on her. During the crossing from New York to Paris he has to prove her infidelity. But the two women know how to defend themselves.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the greatest acting icons of the 1950s, but is often wrongly reduced to the cliché of the naïve blonde in public. She turns the tables for once as the pragmatic Lorelei Lee, who hides her cleverness in order to be accepted by the sexist society. In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Monroe and her equally gifted partner Jane Russell make their way through the sex-obsessed world of men with relish, and they don’t take any losses into consideration. In addition, the two prove their singing talent in extravagant, colorful musical sequences. Girl power avant la lettre.

Mischa Haberthür

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