Cinema Simply Different

Invisible aliens come to earth in a tiny flying saucer looking for heroin. They end up in the New York apartment of an androgynous pansexual model and her drug-dealing lover. In a subculture of synth punk, neon signs and 1980s high fashion, the aliens find an even more potent compound they prefer to drugs: the chemical messengers produced in the human brain during orgasm. This is how the sexually active visitors to the apartment disappear. This increasingly bizarre scenario is pursued by a lonely woman in the house across the street, a German scientist tracking extraterrestrials, and an equally androgynous, drug-addicted male model.

Liquid Sky is a feminist, cynical and politically charged commentary on sexuality, vanity, feminism and gender fluidity. The aesthetics of the 1980s make up the DNA of the film and dare to walk a tightrope between serious, ironic and sexy. The audience should be advised that there are some rape scenes in the film. These are commented on by the protagonist’s self-determined dialogue.

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