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Due to the geopolitical situation, we will give a longer introduction into this movie.

The Russian revolution of 1917 may have led to the end of tsarism, but also to different movements, which were in conflict regarding the future leadership of Russia. Half documentary, half scenically are the events between February and October shown, culminating in the storming of the winter palace of the former tsar and seat of the provisional government. A symbol of richesse and reality apathetic aristocracy against the backbone of the bolshevists in the farmer state.
Ten years after the events of 1917, the power grab of the Bolsheviks in Petrograd, Eisenstein created with October a propaganda film, which would define the founding myth of the soviet union. Eisenstein: definer of the associative montage cinema, visionary and creator of Battleship Potemkin, a milestone in cinema. As a film theorist, he was already during his time known as a forward thinker and seen as defining for the acceptance of cinema art.
October, made with much pathos, but also rhythm and skill, is not only a valuable document of the time of the storming of the winter palace, but rather a proof of Eisensteins genious.

Alexander Streb

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