Cinema Simply Different

It is Christmas in a little Spanish town. Some older women come up with the idea, that each of the wealthy homes should invite a homeless person for dinner. This initiative is supported by a pan-maker and some b-celebrities. Finalised are the festivities by a great parade. And in the centre of all, driver Placido, who helps in the organisation. Actually he should pay his car loan, otherwise he might loose it. He is dependent on his car, but nobody really cares.
Even though the idea seems nice at first, this movie shows us, that the rich are not interested in the homeless at all. They are more used, such that the wealthy are presented in a good light. What the homeless need or want is irrelevant. Berlanga achieves to uncover the hypocrisy of the wealthy and the Christmas festivities in this black comedy. In every shot happens so much, that you’d wish to see the movie for a second time right after it has finished to notice everything.

Jérôme Bewersdorff

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