Cinema Simply Different

Suspended from school because of love? Beaten up by an alleged friend because of your sexual orientation? Living in constant fear of an angry mob, which could tear you and your partner away from each other? The tales from the Kenyan LGTB community told through Stories of Our Lives are bitter and sweet, indescribable and yet crystal clear.

The interdisciplinary art collective „The NEST“, centred around screenwriter and director Jim Chuchu, spoke with young LGBT people all over Kenya and developed five short films from their numerous stories. Five times we are told about a romantic relationship, which is legally and socially suppressed in a homophobic country – and yet despite the constant fear always manages to find its way.

The beautiful black-and-white cinematography perfectly accompanied by music, specifically composed for the film, allow the audience to hope for greater acceptance and might also encourage them to fight for love and liberty. Because „The NEST“ has dedicated itself to fight this fight – despite their film being censored in their home country.

Corinna Haag

Übersetzung: Mischa Haberthür

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