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Like any other year, the water of the ocean south of Japan’s coast turns blood-red. Thousands of dolphins are gruesomely hunted down towards the bay, where they will get slaughtered or captured to be sold to dolphinariums. A film crew from the United States was able to shoot footage of this massacre, against prohibition, and created a rightfully award-winning documentary.

Apart from the brutal treatment of the animals in captivity, the documentary also discusses the health risks related to the consumption of dolphin flesh, as well as the corruption of international organisations legally enabling these practices.

Out of fear of protests and violence, the film was only shown twice at Japanese theatres. To still point out the injustices and abuses, the crew decided to release the film for free.

The Cove is nothing for faint-hearted animal lovers, as the film displays the problems related to the dolphin hunt, which is covered up by numerous Japanese organisations. A scandalous documentary that is not to be missed in this semester’s program.

Fleming Bruckmaier

Übersetzung: Lucia Arnold

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