Cinema Simply Different

What could possibly go wrong, when a bourgeoise couple from the French suburbs goes on a road trip to bury a family member, which they killed themselves?
Disoriented and exhausted, both plunder designer clothes of dead bodies from the road and beg for sandwich pieces of workers from the third world. Ignorance is their vehicle, exploitation their fuel. When they reach their destination, the return to barbarism seems their unavoidable destiny.
Jean-Luc Godards Weekend is full of surreal encounters and abnormal dialogue. His scenic reality is an origami of time and space, in which the present constantly mixes itself with the future and the past. What meaning has a pebble in the cosmic flow of time? «Would you rather be screwed by Mao or Johnson?» Will a violent African revolution free the continent? Goddard asks many questions about our life and our surroundings, about which it pays off to think about long after the movie has ended.

X. Liu

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