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In the year 2029 cybernetic modification is the norm. Brain implants give direct access to the internet, and the body can be replaced – or augmented – at will. But with new technologies come new risks, and now even the human mind can be hacked. Cyborg Major Kusanagi, member of the secret Cyberpolice unit Section 9, investigates a series of hacking attacks when she hits upon the trail of the Puppet Master – a hacker hidden in the depths of the information network…


Ghost in the Shell is classic cyberpunk: A cold, melancholic film noir in an anonymous, high-tech metropolis. The boundaries between man and machine are waning ever faster. Yet the film’s vision presents no simple dystopia – it delicately balances fear and promise. Mamuro Oshii’s groundbreaking adaptation of the Manga captivates with fast-paced action, beautiful animation and a visionary aesthetic that influenced a whole generation of Science fiction films.


Michael Schmutzer

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