Cinema Simply Different

The unspectacular office routine in one of Zurich’s banks is dictated by the relentlessness of endless data streams. Electronic technologies determine the world of work and even influence the privacy and interpersonal communication of employees. Two employees, for example, talk about possible optimizations while jogging, while another even conducts serious qualification talks with his son.


The mechanical work processes captured by the camera – such as the immediate picking up of the telephone – are interwoven in a serial montage with an atmospheric and dense soundtrack. Repeated, sequential actions not only draw attention to the monotony of everyday working life, but also slowly dissolve the individuality of the people. This dehumanization through digitalization is presented with a surprisingly absurd comedy. The film manages to both unsettle and amuse at the same time. Well Done is an experience that doesn’t leave you indifferent.


Vanessa Loretan, translated by Carlos Hartmann

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