Cinema Simply Different

[sound intensifies]

With a new semester comes a new program. In [sound intensifies], we want to take a closer look at sounds. From sound design or score to musical or silent film, we have it all. Understandably, the choice could not have been more difficult, but we have twelve gems waiting for you: Some are almost forgotten blockbusters, others have never reached a big audience. They share a unique sound.

We unclose this semester’s program with Once Upon a Time in the West, the famous spaghetti western by Sergio Leone. No other melody by Ennio Morricone has the popularity of this film’s theme and this classic merits to open up [sound intensifies].

The following week it gets spooky with Dario Argentos’ Suspiria. With its breathtaking score, it is an absolute must for this semester’s program. As the only one of the horror genre, the film’s powerful sound excites every occult enthusiast.

Later on the program is Koyaanisqatsi, an experimental film from the eighties. Through his musical themes and archive recordings, Godfrey Reggio recreates the modern live dominated by machines. This is for sure on the most exceptional part that our program offers.

For this semester especially we would like to highlight the historic epic film Cabiria with live soundtrack interpreted by Convulsif. Even before the modern sound film, screenings were not silent. Different instruments underlined the moving picture’s characters and emotions. We are delighted to host an unforgettable event in cooperation with the IOIC and dedicate this evening to an important part in the history of cinema.

And of course you can also look forward to a divers program of short films and cooperations. We hope to welcome you for popcorn, beer and entertainment for eyes and ears!

Fleming Bruckmaier – head of programmation

Translation: Lucia Arnold

Films in this program

Once Upon a Time in the West (C’era una volta il West)

27.02.18 - Box office/bar: 7.30 pm; Film: 8 pm
Sergio Leone, USA/Italy 1968
164 min, DCP, IT/e


06.03.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Dario Argento, Italy 1977
94 min, Blu-ray, IT/e

Berberian Sound Studio

13.03.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Peter Strickland, UK 2012
92 min, DCP, ENG/d


20.03.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Jacques Tati, FR/IT 1967
124 min, Blu-ray, FR/e


27.03.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
David Lynch, US 1977
89 min, DCP, ENG/d


10.04.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Giovanni Pastrone, IT 1914
168 min, Blu-ray


17.04.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Robert Altman, USA 1975
160 min, DCP, ENG/e

Requiem For a Dream

24.04.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Darren Aronofsky, USA 2000
102 min, 35mm, ENG/d


01.05.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Godfrey Reggio, USA 1983 86min, Blu-Ray

There Will Be Blood

08.05.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Paul Thomas Anderson, USA 2007 158 min, Blu-Ray, ENG/e

Alice (Něco z Alenky)

15.05.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Jan Švankmajer, CSSR/CH/UK/DE 1988 86 min, Blu-Ray, TSCHECH/d

Singin’ in the Rain

22.05.18 - Box office/bar 7.30 pm, film 8 pm
Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, USA 1952 103 min, DCP, ENG/e