Cinema Simply Different

Hysterical housewife Peggy and her quirky housekeeper Grizelda flee head over heels after the murder of Peggy’s husband. They find shelter in Mortville, a makeshift city consisting of all kinds of outsiders and freaks. The two fugitives are welcomed only with reluctance by Mole, who desperately wants a sex change in order to finally fully satisfy her lover, Muffy. Soon, however, they find a common enemy in the tyrannical Queen Carlotta and fight for the freedom of Mortville, the seat of sin.

John Waters, the hallmark “Pope of Trash”, has always liked to have freaks and outsiders gather around him and let them throw even more shrill dialogues at each other in shrill clothes. Desperate Living, part of the infamous “Trash Trilogy” along with Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, breaks all taboos and explores all possible boundaries to good taste. Playboy wrote at the time that Desperate Living had to be seen to be believed. More fitting words have probably never been written. Because Desperate Living – like all Waters movies – is loud, obscene, funny, disgusting, perverse and not always to be taken seriously. If you like weird characters, gaudy dresses and obscene jokes, Mortville – and Desperate Living – is the best place for you.

Christine Albrecht

Translated by Carlos Hartmann

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