Cinema Simply Different

It was supposed to be a quiet holiday in a forest hut. But after playing a mysterious tape, Ash (B-Movie icon Bruce Campbell) suddenly stands there with a dead girlfriend and no chance to escape. Dark forces have made Ash the target of demonic games. And so the dance of the devils begins …

In Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, director Sam Raimi is really rampaging in the splatter genre with his penchant for slapstick. A severed head that bites its way to the main character’s hand, laughing hysterically, is just the beginning. Whether it’s a remake, a sequel or a parody of his six years older work The Evil Dead, remains to be seen.

Anyway, it soon becomes clear: This is a horror movie of a different kind. Raimi obviously enjoys driving the great Campbell and his Ash into madness more and more, while Gore and humor slip hand in hand from one shot to the next. His violent nightmare thus becomes an extremely amusing horror comedy for the audience, full of poignant lines, flying body parts and variously colored blood fountains: “Groovy!”

Alicia Schümperli

Translated by Carlos Hartmann

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