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In 1971, nuclear tests in Japan cause a severe seaquake, which startles and angers the underwater people of Seatopia. Out of revenge they send the monster Megalon to destroy the surface of the earth and its inhabitants. Humanity’s last hope is Godzilla. With the aid of the humanoid robot Jet Jaguar they ask the giant lizard for help in the fight against Megalon. But the Seatopians have one more extra-terrestrial ace up their sleeve…

Godzilla vs. Megalon is part of a Japanese film genre called Kaiju (Japanese for “strange beast”), in which giant monsters attack cities and their inhabitants. The film offers exactly what the title promises. With little money but a lot of creativity and resourcefulness, a highly entertaining monster film was created. A cyborg, a robot and a monster (all of which are played by actors in monster costumes) fight each other while sets made out of toys and miniature models are being blown up all around them.

Sophie Stirnemann

Translated by Sophie Stirnemann

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