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Harry and Tyrone take up drug peddling to finance their addiction and to avoid having to forcibly take Harry’s mother’s TV set to the pawnbroker’s for dug money. Harry’s mother Sara in turn has but one wish: to appear on her favorite TV show in her red dress, for which she needs to lose some weight. Her new appetite suppressants take a heavy toll on her mental health. Marion is Harry’s girlfriend and as addicted as he is. Blinded by her love and ambitions she ends up disgracing herself.

Darren Aronofsky’s portrayal of the three-protagonists’ downfall is viscerally relentless and yet hardly judgmental. Along with a gripping Soundtrack, a gripping combination of sound and editing figures prominently in Requiem For a Dream. With the incessant repetition of such edited moments, they increasingly become moments of dread and horror.

Corinna Haag

Translation: Carlos Hartmann

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