Cinema Simply Different

The mean drug gang Katana has taken control of the cocaine market. The police don’t stand idly by and deploy their most valuable weapon: Joe “The Samurai Cop” Marshall. He is the irresistible womanizer with a stylish mullet hairdo and was trained in Japan by the masters. Together with their partner Frank Washington they hunt down the bad guys. And they do it with their best manners. Not only do they score with ridiculous fight choreographies, but also with dialogues that Google Translator couldn’t have created better.

No reasonable budget, great enthusiasm and bad teamwork: All factors why Samurai Cop belongs to the league of the worst foreign shame films. It was not possible to shoot at nighttime, so the production dragged on. When not even the leading actor Hannon wanted to shoot the movie anymore, he decided to cut off the iconic mullet. But because there were still some scenes missing, the cop Joe wore a woman’s wig in the rest of the scenes, which didn’t resemble his natural hair lease at all. In short, Samurai Cop is a total bloody disaster.

Céline Mosbacher

Translated by Carlos Hartmann

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