Cinema Simply Different

Hollywood, 1927: Don and Lina are a successful silent movie couple who, by demand of their studio, claim to be one in real life, too. In reality, Don doesn´t like Lina very much. When the first sound picture of a rival studio becomes a big success, Lina and Dons next movie is determined to become one as well. Now, Lina may be a beauty, but her voice is anything but pleasant. And as Don falls in love with the extra Kathy and his best friend Cosmo gets the idea of replacing Lina’s with Kathy’s prettier voice, they´re in a right mess. Singin´ in the Rain takes an impressive look at a special moment in movie history: The change from silent to sound pictures was indeed anything but easy. With regard to content and of course also form, this musical fits perfectly into our series and makes for a joyful ending to our cycle.

Corinna Haag

Translation: Paula Brändli

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