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Suzy Bannon is met with showers of heavy rain when she leaves the airport in Freiburg. She is supposed to enroll at the local elite dance academy. However, the brutal murder of a pupil and a series of strange occurrences distract Suzy from her dancing studies. When her friend disappears without a trace, Suzy decides to unveil the terrifying secret of the academy and its leaders.

Suspiria manages to cast a spell over you precisely because its aesthetic shifts wildly between art and Trash. Ludicrous gore scenes, the shoddy lip-sync, and emotionally-distanced dialogues lend the film its low-budget charm. At the same time, Argento’s elaborately designed sets and ingenious use of colours prove him to be a master of composition. The film’s creepy atmosphere is enhanced by a disturbingly atmospheric soundtrack composed and performed by the Rock band Goblin, which lends the images an unforgettable presence.

Lucien Duc

Translation: Mischa Haberthür

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