Cinema Simply Different

The golden days of producer Max Bialystock are long gone. When his accountant Bloom realizes that a flop could make a bigger profit than a success, they come up with a plan. They want to put on stage the worst play the world has ever seen.

After hiring a retired Nazi screenwriter, a director whose plays have already been discontinued at the premiere, and a hippie actor with the not entirely coincidental initials L.S.D., they are certain about the failure of their play and the success of their plan – until “Spring for Hitler” becomes a box-office hit right after the first performance.

The Producers is a vicious satire of show business: horny producers, self-obsessed directors and vain actors. At the same time Mel Brooks picks up on a new phenomenon with his trashy musical that established itself outside the big studios of the time: independent and cheaper productions that resisted common concepts, coupled with the desire to break down the boundaries of good taste.

Hannah Dobbertin

Translated by Carlos Hartmann

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