Cinema Simply Different

Life continues as usual in a sleepy desert town in New Mexico until a policeman on patrol finds a terrified girl and a destroyed vacation trailer. The culprits are soon identified: As a consequence of nuclear tests, ants have mutated into gigantic monsters that leave a trail of devastation behind them as they forage for food. The entomologist Dr. Medford and his daughter team up with the American military to eradicate the insects. But how to get to an enemy who can move underground?

Director Gordon Douglas created with Them! one of the greatest and most influential Hollywood monster films. A film that, despite or perhaps because of its old-fashioned special effects, entertains even sixty years after its release. Countless imitations tried to replicate the success of these superbugs, but none has matched the thrilling mix of suspense and humour of the original. Just as the giant ants, Them! leaves an indelible and lasting impression.

Mischa Haberthür

Translated by Michael Schmutzer

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