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He introduces himself as an “Oil Man”, ostensibly leads his son by the hand everywhere he goes. He feigns being a capitalist of the humane kind: he acquires land for the oil beneath it, invests part of his winnings in roads and schools for the locals and their children. Even church is permitted its place in society under his reign. Thus, he tries to set himself apart from the big oil companies that had emerged around the eve of the 20th century and that were presently buying up large swaths of land. However, Daniel Plainview’s masquerade soon falls apart to reveal his true motivations: greed and lust for power. Though he is not the sole contender…

There Will Be Blood is a masterfully staged piece of capitalist history. It is accompanied by the excellent score composed by Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead). Its ethereal presence escapes the audience at times, leaving the footage compellingly bare, just to return in furious bursts of near-psychedelic power. With the brilliant score as a backdrop and thanks to the highly impressive performance by Daniel Day-Lewis his character Daniel Plainview becomes ruthlessness impersonate on screen.

Alexander Streb

Translation: Carlos Hartmann

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